ALC evening classes are perfect!

'In my current full time work, I no longer find the time or energy to pursue in-depth study. ALC evening classes are perfect! I love the short commitment of just 4–6 weeks and the early finishing time means no late nights mid-week.

I read about the variety of topics on offer in our church bulletin and if something catches my interest, I’m in! Enrolling is so easy with on-line registration. 

I enjoy the unusual mix of people in these classes. It adds to the perspective of the topic. You find people of all ages, professions and understanding—it’s always a surprise to see who’s there on the first night. 

I’ve now been to 4 or 5 evening classes over the years and each one is unique and well worth it. The variety of topics and the diverse lecturers make each course refreshingly different.'

—Heather Waring