Frequency Asked Questions


How do I register? 

To register for Foundations, simply go to the Foundations web page and press the green register button. The register button will take you to Australian Lutheran College’s payment site. You’ll need a credit or debit card and the names and unique email addresses for all the people that you are registering.

To register for Chairperson, Secretary or Treasurer go the Chairperson web page, the Secretary web page or the Treasurer web page and press the green register button.

Alternatively, go to the top right corner of the Grassroots website, click on the drop down arrow next to the 'Log in' button and select 'Payments'. Once you click 'Log in' you will be taken to the Payments website.



My details were incorrectly entered. What do I do? 

If your name was spelt incorrectly you can change this by logging into iLearn and editing your profile details. See the iLearn helpdesk booklet: Editing your profile for details.

If your email address was incorrectly entered during registration, please contact



Can my congregation be invoiced? 

No. You need to register online using a credit or debit card as the payment process automatically enrols you, and all the people that you register for Foundations, into the course. Your registration gives you access to ALC’s iLearn.



What is iLearn? 

iLearn is a learning management system. Upon registration you will receive a welcome email which provides a link to the iLearn site and a unique password. When you log in to iLearn you’ll be able to view your training course and begin any time, anywhere. You can access iLearn at the top right of the Grassroots website.



How does Foundations work? 

Foundations, best viewed as a congregational group, is facilitated by online presentations. The training is offered in a format that is similar to a webinar presentation, with congregational office-holders and leaders viewing and listening to the presentations as a group and responding to the activities. Individual activities will be submitted online. The content is organised into four modules. These modules cover:

  1. Congregational Leadership – Leadership and Governance; Governance vs Management; Future planning
  2. The Role of Council – Member qualities; Under God we are responsible to
  3. Council Responsibilities – Part A: Meeting Content; Roles and Responsibilities; Part B: Financial Requirements
  4. Our Congregation and the LCA – Congregational Context within the LCA



Who facilitates Foundations? 

Foundations really doesn’t need a facilitator. The content is presented in a similar way to a webinar presenation. All you need to do is press play and you’ll hear the presenter and you’ll view the presentation on the screen. As you work through the content as a group, one person may be given the role of pressing play or pause on the screen for discussion. Perhaps another is given the role of taking notes on behalf of the group. You can find out more information regarding the how of Foundations in the CLT How to Guide.



How long will Foundations take and what’s involved? 

Foundations is made up of four modules or sections. Module 1 takes 45 minutes. Module 2 is 39 minutes. Module 3 is longer so we’ve broken the content into Part A and Part B. Part A is 43 minutes long and Part B takes 1 hour 11 minutes. The last module, Module 4, runs for 50 minutes. These times include the time it takes to discuss the questions and submit the activities. Yes, there’s some work for you to do. But don’t worry, it’s not rocket science. Simply listen to the content, discuss the questions and submit any required activities. Here’s a great overview of Foundations which tells you what’s involved: Foundations Overview.



Can Foundations be completed in any order? 

While Foundations is organised into four modules, you may review the content and find that it is best to start at a later module. This is fine to do as the content has been separated for easier management.



I’ve worked through Foundations with my group. What do I do now? 

In order to record your progress through Foundations, you need to login as an individual and complete the various activities. Once this has been completed you will receive an electronic badge for each module and then a Certificate of Attainment once all the required activities are completed.

You don’t need to view the presentations again however you do need to ensure that you tick the ‘Your progress’ boxes on the right hand side of the presentation links to indicate that you have viewed the content as part of a group.



What if congregational members don’t have a computer and an email address? 

We’d love everyone to be involved in Congregational Leadership Training. To ensure everyone who does the training receives a Certificate of Attainment, they must register an email address at the time of registering. Unfortunately those who aren’t registered will not receive a Certificate of Attainment at the completion of the training and their completion records won’t be recorded in the LCA’s Human Resource System.

There is now provision to submit the activities in iLearn on behalf of a number of people who completed the training together from a congregation/parish, especially for those who feel uncomfortable using the iLearn system. To apply for this option, please email




I’ve got slow internet. Will that be a problem? 

All of the CLT presentations include audio components. Module 3a shows a short video. If you have any concerns about accessing this content due to a slow internet connection please contact before enrolling in the training.



If I’ve completed the training in another congregation, do I have to do it again in my new congregation? 

No. Your training records are logged in your name and so wherever you are in Australia and New Zealand, the LCA Human Resource System will know the details of the training that you have completed. In a new congregation, we recommend that you join in when the training is offered as each congregation may have different practices when it comes to leadership and governance.



I’ve completed Foundations. What’s next? 

Foundations is the first unit of Congregational Leadership Training. It provides a foundation. You may wish to build upon this foundation with the Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer units. In time a Refresher unit will be offered. And stay tuned for other units in the future too.